California law is strict regarding assault, which means you are protected no matter how it occurs. Assault is defined as a physical attack of any sort. In California, an assault is considered a crime, but it’s not considered such when it comes to filing a lawsuit. If you are assaulted by anyone in this state, you’ll file a personal injury lawsuit. Before you call an attorney to discuss your case, there are a few things you must understand leading up to the filing of a complaint.

Assault Defined

In California, you must know the definition of assault. It’s intentional. It’s when someone wants to harm someone else, and they do so with the intent to scare or harm them. It’s also not limited to actual harm in any physical capacity in California. If someone threatens to touch you and puts fear in you regarding their desire to physically harm you, it’s considered assault, and you can file a lawsuit.


One of the most commonly asked questions regarding assault in California is the type of damages a victim can go after:

– Punitive damages are possible when an assault is serious. This must include a sexual assault or sexual abuse as good examples, and it this kind of damage is issued to the perpetrator only as a means of additional punishment by the court.

– Economic damages are something you can sue for. These are damages sought to reimburse you for the money you spend and lose when you are the victim of an assault. Your property might require repair if it was damaged, you might incur medical bills, and you might lose income if you cannot return to work right away.

– Non-economic damages are the ones you’re entitled to if you’re seeking pain and suffering, or if you want to seek other damages not otherwise included on this list.

Call an attorney to speak to someone with ample experience defending those who have been the victims of assault. A personal injury attorney can help you learn how to navigate this process by learning your rights, what you must do, what is not required of you, and where the law draws lines that protect you when you’re a victim. If you have been a victim of assault and are looking to file lawsuit contact a experienced attorney right away.